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music. for. life.

Imagine music with character. Music that is charting a solitary and distinctive path through today's recording industry.

Imagine an artist crossing all demographics in appeal. A new sound experience unique to the world of contemporary instrumental music has arrived.


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Solitary. millennial. sound.

On the cusp of a new sonic landscape comes a solitary, millennial sound. Benjamin Warren Music.

Music born of inspiration and unfettered by theory. Music that empowers and music that comforts.

Benjamin Warren Music crosses all boundaries in its demographic appeal.

Benjamin Warren is a gifted composer who produces original, orchestrated instrumental music. His career has been guided by a simple philosophy: “Music is a gift and should be used in service to others.”

Emotionally challenging, enormously fulfilling, prepare yourself for a listening experience charting a distinctive path in today’s recording industry. Music written and produced to meet you where you are. 
Benjamin Warren Music is Music For Life.

Benjamin Warren in his studio

featured track




Vintage Stock (2011)


Ivory (2007)


For The Journey (2005)