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music for life.

Imagine music with character. Music that is charting a solitary and distinctive path through today's recording industry.

Imagine an artist crossing all demographics in appeal. A new sound experience unique to the world of contemporary instrumental music has arrived.


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about benjamin

On the cusp of a new sonic landscape comes a solitary, millennial and definitive sound. Benjamin Warren Music.

Benjamin Warren (b.1982) first played a secondhand upright piano in his parents’ Ft. Myers home around age 10. On those rainy afternoons, he began crafting the unique sound we hear today. Uninterrupted by music theory—he relies on the sincerity of every note.

During his teen years, Benjamin began channeling the acoustic elements of an orchestra. He was heavily involved in his high school jazz band, wind ensemble and marching band, often times performing statewide. These youth-filled years brought composition for other instruments.  He connected with sounds of his peers, film music and artists such as Yanni and John Tesh. These influences and melodic conversations can be heard on Benjamin’s second iTunes release, For the Journey (2004).

Benjamin’s philosophy of music is simple: music is a gift and should be used in service to others. He exemplifies this philosophy by previously partnering with the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation – an outreach that united his music to the hearts and minds of parents who have lost a child.

Music that is easily recognizable but like nothing you’ve ever heard. Music that is charting a solitary and distinctive path in today’s recording industry. Music for Life.

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Vintage Stock (2011)


Ivory (2007)


For The Journey (2005)